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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can I participate in this drop?

A:   Register​​​​​​​ to receive reminders, news and exclusive offers for Registered Members only!

B:   Purchase Cardano (ADA) from an exchange  (Coinbase​​​​​​​ (US) / Binance (Intl) recommended)

C:   Transfer your Cardano (ADA) from your exchange to your Cardano wallet (Nami or Adalite​​​​​​​ recommended)

D:   Return to this page on March 30 at 8PM UTC  to access the minting page.

       Warning:  Do NOT send ADA directly from an exchange because they are unable to receive NFTs.

F:   Wait for your NFTs to arrive in your wallet.  (During periods of high congestion, transactions can take time to complete.)

Q:  How can I know about future Token Comics drops?

A:  Register for our Drops,  join our Discord and follow us on Twitter​​​​​​​.

      From time to time we will offer exclusives to our Discord community and via email to our Registered Members!   

Q:  I'm interested in collabing with Token Comics.  What should I do?

A:   Please click the "Collab Inquiry" tab in our header and complete our inquiry form.  We'll contact you in a few days to discuss your ideas!

A:   Go to and paste your wallet address into their search bar. Click on the comic NFT you wish to read to access the cover image, flip-comic, and a PDF of the comic, followed by attributes and info.  Click on the square above the flip comic to see it full screen!  Use ESC to return to smaller size.