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- "Intellectual Property Rights Owner" means Joseph A. Zyskowski, and or assigns, who exclusively own the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights related to Token Comics properties.  

- "Token Holder" means the individual or entity who holds a Token Comics Launch Edition token in a Cardano wallet to which they own the seed phrase and password.  The Token Holder does not own any intellectual property rights other than the rights  bestowed upon them according to the Terms and Conditions of the Personal Use License and Fractional NFT License included below.


Holding an NFT does not give the Token Holder any intellectual property rights.  Just because you buy a book doesn't mean you have the right to make and sell copies of it.  You do have the right to resell that one copy of the book.  It is established law that only the copyright owner has the right to make copies of their intellectual property.

The intent of this license is for the Intellectual Property Rights Owner to bestow upon the Token Holder certain rights to enhance Token Holder's ownership experience.

Personal Use License:

Intellectual Property Rights Owner hereby grants Token Holder a Non-Exclusive, Non-Commercial, Personal Use License related to this Launch Edition token for as long as they hold it within their Cardano wallet.   

Specifically, Token Holder is allowed to use the image related to their token(s) to create a limited number of the following products for their own, non-commercial, personal use and enjoyment:

1.  Computer wallpaper and smart phone screen savers

2.  Personal Profile Pics on social media platforms

3.  Tee shirts

4.  Posters and Prints

5.  Coffee mugs

6.  Calendars

7.  Mouse pads

Fractional NFT ("FNFT") License:

The Intellectual Property Rights Owner agrees to allow Token Holder the ability to produce fractional NFTs ("FNFTs") based upon the Launch Edition NFTs that they hold, according to the following terms and conditions:

1)  Only Launch Edition NFTs may be fractionalized.  Comic book NFTs  may NEVER be fractionalized.  Only the main image of a Launch Edition NFT may be used as content, no links to comic book pdfs, may be included in the metadata.

2)  Before you make a Fractionalized NFT based upon a Launch Edition NFT, you must first look up its Token ID to confirm it has not already been fractionalized.  Click here to search for your Token ID

3)  Only ONE (1) Fractional NFT License will be granted per Token ID.  If your Token is not listed in the above link, it has not already been authorized and you may submit an FNFT application.

4)  To submit your FNFT application, email us at with the Token ID you wish to fractionalize and the quantity of fractional tokens you wish to produce.  After you have paid the Fractional NFT Authorization Fee of 100 ADA, we will create a link for you to include in the metadata of your FNFT to prove your FNFTs are officially licensed.

​​​​​​​5)  You are responsible for any and all additional fees associated with fractionalizing your NFT. The 100 ADA License Authorization Fee is paid to Token Comics as a one time Fee to offset the expense involved in creating your unique, "FNFT Authorization" link.

6)   Your FNFT must be its own collection consisting only of fractional NFTs of your Launch Edition token.  You are not allowed to include Token Comics FNFTs as part of a collection with other NFTs. 

7)  This Fractional NFT License may be modified at any time and the rules in place after any such modification will immediately be in full force effect.  It is your responsibility to review this license page before fractionalizing your Token Comics Launch Edition NFT.

8)  Failure to adhere to the Terms and Conditions set forth herein will result in legal action for copyright infringement, in which you will be responsible to pay Plaintiff's legal fees, actual damages, statutory damages and forfeiture of any and all profits resulting from the illegal sale of unauthorized FNFTs.

8) Jurisdiction to be selected exclusively by Joseph A. Zyskowski without regard to conflict of law.