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Personal Use License and Copyright Notice

All images that make up the GarvGirls - Sweethearts - 2022 NFT Collection, which share the Policy ID f2885def3500b575f22928a1ae4c1d03194f5a1337962da390cf7d55 are Copyright © 2022, Keith Garvey.  All rights reserved. 

The owner of this token enjoys a limited, non-exclusive, non-commercial, personal use license and is allowed use an image from this collection, associated with an NFT they own, for the following permitted uses:  

◉  Social media profile pic;

◉  Wall art, up to 24" x 36," for personal display purposes (not for resale);

◉  Wallpaper on their personal computer or mobile phone;

◉  Listing this NFT for resale on any NFT marketplace; and, 

◉  Displaying this NFT in a metaverse environment.  

Other than the above specified, permitted uses, the holder of this NFT is NOT allowed to use this image for any commercial or money making purpose, whatsoever, including, but not limited to:

◉  Making derivative works of any kind, including, but not limited to: fractional NFTs;

◉  Including as a graphical element in any new image, whether published as an NFT or not;

◉  Conferring rights to a third party which the NFT holder does not have.  

If you wish to use any image associated with this NFT collection for a commercial purpose, please submit your request directly to Keith Garvey at

GarvGirls - Sweethearts - 2022 NFT Collection