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The Origin  

Brian Reace, a homophobic Marine, was mortally wounded in combat.  To save his life, Dr. Thorpe, a military "mad scientist," gave the wounded Marine an experimental super soldier serum.  The catch?  Unknown to Reace, in order for the serum to be accepted, his immune system had to first to be eliminated ... which Dr. Thorp accomplished with a mutant strain of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS!  The super soldier serum restored Brian Reace's health and gave him super human strength, stamina and an increased healing ability ... but it also left him HIV positive!   

The BLOODFIRE Multiverse Collection represents the first Appearance of BLOODFIRE, on the Cardano blockchain!  Every CNFT minted in this collection of 5,000 tokens will be unique with random, algorithmically assigned attributes, including ... 

Collectible Grades (5)     Backgrounds (12)     Bloodfire Logo Colors (8)    Costume Colors (10) 

Faces (22)     Rarities (6)     Hats (4)    Weapons (11)    Token Comics Logo Colors (9)   and  Autographs (4)!  


1)  FIVE (5) Ultra Rare, 1/1 CNFTs will be randomly released during the drop!  

     These super cool NFTs represent their first appearance, ever!  Some of them could even get their own comic! 

     Please join our Twitter and Discord for sneak peaks and to learn more! 

2)  Token Comics #1 flip-comic book INCLUDED!

3A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to allowing everyone who participates

​​​​​​​     to be a real life superhero!